These effective online tools will bring you closer to the relationship you’ve always wanted. Spend less time guessing and more time loving with these great products designed exclusively by Tal Dew Shaish!


The 12 Keys to Finding Love

This digital course, based on Tal’s book The 12 Keys to Finding Love in Less Than 300 Dates, offers meditations and exercises which will help you learn how to:

• Connect to yourself
• Discover and overcome the barriers between you and your next relationship
• Attract the relationship you deserve


Cracking the Code: Your Online Dating Guide

This engaging, insight series of videos will give you the tools you need to find success in the complicated world of online dating! With this program, you’ll easily be able to:

• Build a winning profile that will attract better matches
• Choose wisely from the pool of potential dates available
• Move from cyberspace to face-to-face in the best way possible


Happily Ever After: The Ten Step Guide for Newlyweds to a Blissful Marriage

You’ve spent years dreaming about your wedding day, but have you thought about what comes after? This guide provides the blueprint to a happy, fulfilling, and successful married life by helping you practice:

• Resolving disputes
• Fighting fair
• Amplifying and maintaining your marriage’s spark
• And much more!

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