I have been meaning to reach out and let you know that Both of us have definitely been enjoying the fruits of our work with you.  I still remember our first phone conversation when I told you that I can’t go on anymore and I want that you will help me to divorce my husband. I wasn’t even sure that he will agree to come meeting you. I remember very long days without any words between me and him, just two angry people.

So we want to say THANK YOU for helping us become stronger and closer as a couple, you knew what to say and how to say things, you listened to both of us without a judgment, when you told us that we are wrong we believed you. There was no doubt in our minds that we wouldn’t be where we are today, enjoying our life and family the way we are if it weren’t for the time and energy we spent working with you.

So thank you for making a difference in our lives and our relationship.  



Dearest Tal,

I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s presentation. You truly possess magical abilities to mesmerize the crowd, to hold their attention and to truly pass on your wonderful message. I know that people who made it, absolutely adored learning from you and I am sure, they are as inspired as I am.



Dear Tal,
I want to thank you for your dedication and for the empowerment I have achieved thanks to you.
Your support has helped me not only to advance in life but to keep my sights set forward. How familiar to me is that first spark of passion, that fire that rages throughout your body – but I always had a problem with persevering: how to keep that fire burning until you achieve results? How to keep your faith alive?
I want to thank you for all our conversations when you helped me and supported me even during my transitions and in the face of obstacles.
We all sometimes need to hear that one voice, which says “you can do this!”
Thank you for being that voice for me.
With love and appreciation,


Dear Tal,
Thank you for opening my eyes!
I came to you with a clear purpose, knowing already how to manage my life, but lacking one thing.
With you, I learned to stop, take stock and even return, and instead of adding something “small” and leaving it at that, to think radically out of the box and figure out from scratch what it is I really want.
In our sessions, I learned to differentiate between the daily routine of my life, and my larger dream, in order to bring them together in harmony and in sync, towards full realization.
Thank you for the warm regard, the pleasant meetings, and the new road you have opened up for me, that I had been searching for. Thank you for never giving up on me, even when I myself couldn’t see any further down the road. From the start, I understood and felt comfortable trusting you, and opening up to new directions I had never thought possible.
Thank you so much!


I started my process with Tal five months ago. I had just broken up with my partner after a two-year relationship, and it was a devastating and painful breakup for me. When we began the process I was in a very pessimistic place. I was all broken up over the breakup, over the fact that yet another relationship had ended, that my love was again unrequited. My self-esteem and my perception of myself were at an all-time low – I truly believed that if my partner had left me, it meant that I was worthless; otherwise, why didn’t he fight harder for me?
During my process with Dew, I learned to appreciate myself again, and I adopted positive patterns of thought. I learned new ways of perceiving reality – not just in regards to relationships, but real life-changing tools. I learned to spot harmful situations and how to control the damage done, and I started to let some good into my life, into what I create, how I think, and how I communicate with others, and I even learned a few lessons in humility along the way.
This whetted my appetite for more learning, more knowledge, and I found myself joyfully learning about all kinds of outlooks on relationships, and on people in general. I adopted some and I apply them in my life with great pleasure – and I’m still learning.
Today, I am in a different place. I respect and cherish myself, and set clear boundaries for others. I cherish and am thankful for the things that I have, and even for the things that I don’t.
S. E.