Do you ever feel that the dating scene is hopeless? Are you attracting the wrong type of person time after time, date after date? 

Is it hard to believe that you could ever find ‘the one’ for you?

You are not alone, and there is a way out of the maze of dating disappointment.

Hi!  Tal Dew Shaish here and I want you to know that you can find love and I am here to help you.  If you are finished with thinking that finding love has been evading you and isn’t in your future, then your being here is no accident. This book and the journey you are about to embark upon is one of self-discovery and growth that will be enlightening and empowering. This journey can be as short or long as you need it to be. You only need to begin in order finish empowered.

This isn’t just another book about why relationships work and why they don’t. This is a book that was born from the experience of the journey using writing, reflecting, dreaming, and becoming.

To me, writing is a healing process through which I observed myself and what I experienced. I allowed myself to grow. Free-writing is a deep, meditative process for me. Through it, I have found myself pouring out on the page all my happy moments, the difficult and the painful ones.

This writing process is the journaling that enabled me to return to the page a while later, only to read about the revealing moments in my life that have been my lessons. I have seen the things I’ve been through and how much I’ve grown.  I have seen the times I returned to the same places but from a different perspective, and I’ve seen repeated patterns and the unhappiness that behavior caused.

Discovering the importance of writing in the format that is set out in the MPower Journal, happened during the period in my life when I was searching for my empowering relationship. It was a time full of fascinating experiences, and my journal saw me through it. I felt that it had many jobs: First, it was my best friend, never judging or preaching. Second, it preserved for me, precisely and vividly. I saw it in the experiences I recalled. The journal writing and reading allowed me to process the things I went through, to accept them and to grow. It became a mirror that reflected the emotional places I had been in. Just as important, it enabled me to see past relationships and discover behavioral patterns that led me from one bad relationship to another. And one final thing, it helped me to discover within me the strength I needed on my journey towards my empowering relationship

I have a dream to help millions of women around the globe to experience this transformational growth through reflection and MPowering Journaling. There will be book study groups and women doing this work on their own. The 12 Keys can be worked through in as little time as 12 hours in a weekend, or 12 days, weeks, or as much as 12 months.

This is a project that once you go through it, you will want to share it. We are charged with empowering women (and men) to increase their self-awareness, grow and help others do the same.

We cannot change what we are not aware of. 

So much of what we experience in our lives is because of what others have told us and we believe, but it’s really not true. We must discover our own truth and live to grow stronger knowing who we are.

I have met so many women deserving to live better lives, yet they struggle to understand why they experience bad date after bad date, horrible relationship after horrible relationship. While the common denominator is them, the problem is figuring out what and how to change. I was one of these women.

The 12 Keys and the MPower Journal

The 12 Keys are a guide on the path towards finding your MPowering Love Relationship. The Milestones in the MPower Journal are those places that you find acceptance. They are the breathing spaces that lead towards your empowering relationship, first, with yourself.The MPower Journal contains exercises throughout the entire book that causes you to ask yourself those important questions, think and then pour your thoughts onto the pages of your journal.

In the MPower Journal, you will find exercises like the one where I invite you to write ten good things about yourself, about your qualities, the things you do and your abilities. I explain how beginning with concentrating on creating this list of the best things about you, will open up more awarenesses and understanding. As you write, more understanding will come naturally.The journal pages are designed to represent a mirror, on which a truth is written. I invite you to say this truth to yourself when facing a mirror. You are invited to add your own truths as well – but take note: the focus must be a positive truth.In The Space Of Grace, I invite you to write things that you are thankful for. In my eyes, when you give thanks for what you have, it takes its rightful place in your life, energizing you, and allowing for what you lack to join your life as well.There are so many other deep, reflective, yet fun things that the MPower Journal will introduce you to, such as:

  • My Daily Treat
  • The One Thing I’ve Always Wanted To Do
  • The Free Corner

And one last thing:  Take some time for yourself, light a candle, choose your favorite pen and embark upon a journey of healing, renewal and MPowerment on your way to your special MPowering Relationship.

Tal Dew Shaish